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  • Qualified Labor Specification Language
    Specifying Accredited Contractors for your stonework reduces liability and ensures a quality installation. In this document, you will find recommended language to fit into the Quality Assurance sequences of the following sections: • 04 42 00 Exterior Stone Cladding • 04 43 13 Stone Masonry Veneer • 04 43 16 Masonry Stone Fabrications • 09 30 33 Stone Tiling • 09 63 40 Stone Masonry Flooring • 09 75 00 Interior Stone Facing • 12 36 40 Stone Countertops • 32 00 00 Stone Exterior Improvements (Paving, Curbs, Walls)
  • Specifications for Architectural Granite
    The granite industry is keeping pace with architectural progress and changing demands. Technological developments have revolutionized quarrying and fabrication methods, reducing costs and leading to new applications. Attractive new finishes, new construction techniques and new jointing methods have created an abundance of options for building design and construction. Reflecting these changes, the recommended specifications which follow have been completely revised and updated. Inquiries regarding any proposed use of granite, whether conventional or innovative, are invited by member companies of the association.

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